bubly Sparkling Water Reviews

PepsiCo opened a portal into the bubbleverse in February 2018 with their massively-hyped line of bubly sparkling water.

Their initial offerings to the sparkling gods were lime, grape, strawberry, lemon, orange, apple, mango, and cherry. They’ve since expanded their line to include pineapple, raspberry, blackberry, grapefruit, lime, strawberry, peach, cranberry, and watermelon, while retiring the grape.

There’s also a “purebubly” for people who love bubly but hate flavors.

They’ve also recently announced a partnership with SodaStream, soon to provide little vials of bubly quintessence which you can carbonate in the safety of your own home.

As of the summer of 2020, bubly has managed to increase their market share of sparkling water to 8.7%, nipping closely at the heels of LaCroix’s 12.6%.

Obviously, bubly has been the largest rising star in the bubbleverse, at least in terms of popularity. It doesn’t hurt that they enlisted irresistible crooner Michael “bubly” Bublé to peddle their halftime commercials, gifs and memes.

However, we, at least, have a pretty severe love/hate relationship with bubly. Some of their flavors are stellar, while others are black holes that engulf all that is good about sparkling water. Every time we crack open a can, we feel like we’re playing sparkling roulette with our tastebuds.

So check out our ever-expanding full flavor reviews below & join us on our journey into the bublyverse…

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