Lavender & Lemon Balm

Dram Apothecary is a weaver of spells, through flavors and scents and cascades of gentle bubbles, interlaced together to take you on deep time journey into the subtler realms, where adaptogenic angels float across the palate and herbal cherubs sing incantations of otherworldly sparkling water dreams.

Or maybe that’s just us, but something about Dram’s elixirs never fails to send us.

The captivating combination of Lavender & Lemon Balm is an emissary from the herbaceous planes of the astral, coming to announce that you are going to go on a gustatory journey of misty chill.

And the aesthetically pleasing can telegraphs this journey instantly, a shorthand for our long-winded explanation above. Your eyes see it, and the body just knows.

On first crack of the can, interestingly, there’s no real smell, playfully obscuring the herbal bounty that is to come. The lavender, despite being such a scent-centered flower, simply gazes up at you from the dark mouth-hole, offering no nose omen to foretell what’s next.

It’s a cunning sleight of hand though, because as soon as you take a sip, your mouth is inundated with a wave of herbal goodness, and suddenly you’re in a lilac-hued dream.

Tasting Notes


Sipping this is like running through a foggy meadow, a reverie of mystical nostalgia, sighs echoing through the corridors of your lavender-tinged memories.

It’s dreamy, but you’re also grounded in your body, thinking to yourself, wtf. This is so good.

The lavender comes out to play, in all its pastel and bitter dimensionality. It tastes fresh, flowery, vegetal, dancing along the knife edge of your tongue.

The lavender is grounded in some epic lemon balminess. It’s just the sort of balm we didn’t know we needed: subtle, yet enveloping. The hint of glycerine-sweetness characteristic of Dram’s offerings is pretty subdued in this one, but helps accentuate the balm.

In case you’re thinking that lemon “balm” is some sort of salve made from actual lemons, let us share that lemon balm is actually a leafy plant, in the mint family, of all unexpected ancestral lineages.

Dram has infused this rarefied lavender concoction with lemon balm leaves, lemon peel, & lemon salt, a spectral cauldron of pastel sunshine yellows and ephemeral violet swirls, all steeping together to form a sparkling water from the herbal heavens.

Gentian Root

We weren’t familiar with this storied root, touted for its array of medicinal properties, and used to treat all manner of digestion issues.

But Dram is no stranger to working in some helpful digestifs, like the irresistible cardamom of their Cardamom & Black Tea. We love to see it.

A quick trip to punchdrink.com informed us that gentian root has “an astringent flavor profile that many say is reminiscent of loamy topsoil.” If you’ve orbited around the Bubbleverse, you’ll know we are suckers for anything involving our beloved loam, so while we don’t exactly pick up on any particularly astringent notes in this can, just knowing there’s some loam swirling in that cauldron of yellows and violets make us love it even more.

Dram are masters in the art of restraint, subtlety, and soothing aesthetics. We imagine them in the proverbial cottage in the glen, crafting sparkling waters with fairies and other elementals, every can fizzing with magic.


Purified carbonated water, non-GMO glycerine, organic lavender flowers, organic lemon balm leaves, organic lemon peel, organic gentian root

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