Topo Chico
Twist of Lime

Topo Chico is just about the gold standard for bubble-forward, sparkling mineral water. As well they should be. 

But how do they fare when they foray into flavors? Just because they get the delectable mineral balance and perfect deluge of crisp bubbles straight out of the mountain spring, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be able to conjure flavors in the lab. 

That is an entirely different sparkling water skillset, and based on our time with their “Twist of Grapefruit,” Topo Chico’s results can be a little rough around the edges.

Plus, rimming a glass of Topo Chico with lime or just sliding a slice into the bottle is a time honored tradition.  Could this be as good as (or better than) the DIY version? 

Let’s find out!

The nose on this is Sprite-like. The classic lemon-lime soda, not the elemental fairy creature. Though, with playfully biting bubbles and tang-evoking aroma, it’s possible there are some mythical lime fairies dancing inside of here?

But let’s plunge inside like an Acapulco (or Casa Bonita) cliff diver: 

Tasting Notes

Upon first sip, it’s almost hard to get through to the flavor through the initial onslaught of the aggressive and beloved bubbles that define Topo Chico. 

But as the bubbles warm your tongue, a softening occurs. What could it be? Why, it’s the gentle effusion of fresh-squeezed citrus on the palate. Though the nose might lead you to believe this might be soda-like, the actual flavor is very real: deep, rich, the kind squeezed out of a dark green and slightly soft lime.  

There are a number of lime flavored sparkling waters that evoke pop colors and candy dreams. But this one isn’t that. This one is grounded in the earth.  Fresh-cut, perfectly ripened, spritzed into expertly carbonated water. 

Let’s be clear, though, this is still a flavor.  It’s not sour in the way that adding your own lime would be, and not quite as fresh.  But it mingles with the slight salinity unique to Topo Chico in an amazing way, somehow managing to be incredibly refreshing without a sour edge.

(If you’re looking for a deep dive into the alluring mystique of Topo Chico’s minerality and bubble quality, dowse yourself in our original Topo Chico review.)

Despite the fact that Topo Chico “Twist of Grapefruit” tastes as if some lime run-off found its way into the bottle, this lime is tangy, brightly pronounced. You don’t have to swish this around in your mouth this multiple times to figure out what flavor this is!

We don’t know why the grapefruit got it so wrong, and the lime got it so right, but here we are.

Of the two flavor offerings, this is the far superior option.


Mineral Water, Carbon Dioxide, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor

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