Good & Gather
Cranberry Citrus

Cranberry is not the first thing that comes to mind for us when it comes to sparkling water flavor mainstays. $5 happy hour cosmos from a mix, or super-sugary holiday side dish?  Sure.  But for a crisp, refreshing voyage into the bubbleverse, cranberry rarely enters our thoughts.  (But we were raised on pamplemousse and coconut LaCroix, what can we say?)

So our curiosity was piqued when we saw these!  Good & Gather is quickly becoming one of our favorite sparkling water brands. With unique flavor combinations, easy-going-down bubble structure and a gorgeous matte satin can, we can’t get enough.

Tasting Notes

The nose on these is surprisingly potpourri.  Like we just wandered into a candle store during their autumn peak, or a candied orange and cinnamon stick themed craft fair, holding a warm mug of off-brand herbal tea.

Despite the name “Cranberry Citrus,” the only citrus depicted on the can are oranges, and that holds true for the flavor, too.  The orange is on full display.  But it’s not quite a sweet, juicy orange, it’s dryer, thinner, and accompanied by some kind of overnote of…cloves?  Nutmeg?  There’s a subtle spice to it, but just present enough to make us unsure if we’re really tasting it.

The cranberry brings up the rear of the spice caravan, arriving towards the end and tangling with the orange, which evolves into something juicier eventually, just in time to disappear.  It’s a delicate cranberry, and a delicate balance overall.  Nothing is overt in this sparkling water, which is pleasant, but we find ourselves wishing something would stand out a little more.

Something that does stand out with all Good & Gather waters is their minerally finish. This is a quality that not all sparkling water brands have, and combined with the satin texture of their cans, there is something satisfying, regardless.

Overall, there’s something kind of autumnal and warm about this one.  Maybe we can’t shake the association of cranberry with the holidays, but then again, we don’t get the same feeling from the LaCroix Cran-Raspberry.  This would pair well with a cozy night in by the fire, or walking amongst falling maple leafs, woodsmoke in the distance.


Carbonated Water, Natural Flavor

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