Real talk: Sometimes it feels like Waterloo exists simply to be the hipper, hipster alternative to LaCroix.

As if a bunch of Austinites sat around drinking LaCroix and said to themselves, “how can we make this even more millennial?”  And thus LaCroix faced its Waterloo.

Despite the hipster shade, we’re big fans of Waterloo in the Bubbleverse.  For those keeping score at home, Waterloo is officially non-GMO and PBA-free, Whole30 approved, and are pretty transparent about what goes on in their cans. They use purified water and only naturally-extracted essential oils and fruit essences. 

No wonder that upon side-by-side comparison, we have found that Waterloo continually serves a more sophisticated expression of any flavor in question.

And that includes this Blueberry sparkling water, which is distinctly set apart from other “berry” offerings out there in the bubbleverse.

The nose on this is a downright bouquet. It is so robust and full, it almost gives us notes of the floral. A reve Parisienne. There’s something so fragrant and elusive it’s like it recreated the spirit of those délicieux exotiques, Violet Pastilles.

You can sense you’re in for some full-bodied magic. 

Tasting Notes


On first sip, there’s a slight moment of hesitation….  But then the magic arrives, fully formed, a sparkling blue mandala.

There’s a dessert-inspired sweetness to this. Memories of blueberry pie, blueberry yogurt with the fruit stirred in from the bottom.  This flavor is bold, here to be seen. This is Violet Beauregard as full blueberry, mid-explosion. 

We imagine when the Von Trapp children lied about picking blueberries, these were the fleshy, mouth watering blueberries they pretended to have eaten. 

But this isn’t just some straight up sugar bomb.  Underlying the vigorous round notes, there is a grounded, loamy element that lingers on the tongue.

A blueberry verité cuts through the Willy Wonka style arrival, leaving the palate satisfied, craving more. Something a little herbaceous and spicy, almost.  As if a few not-fully-ripe berries were thrown into the cauldron to add depth.

Blueberry flavors can be cloying, but all that remains here is the satisfying dream of a transcendent blueberry affair. 

We find great nostalgia in this sparkling water. Rich, late summer dreams. Organic and unspoiled by the human hand.   It’s an impressive foray into the blueberry patch, and we think they nailed it.  

This has actually been our summer drink this year, and as the days grow shorter and the brisk nights chill the fruits of golden yesterdays back into the ground, we’ll at least have this exquisitely flavored sparkling water to get us through the year, until the luscious fruits have risen back up to bask in the halcyon days of summer once again. 

As Henri Matisse said, “A certain blue enters your soul.” Maybe he drank this, too.


Purified Carbonated Water, Natural Flavors

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