Good & Gather
Cucumber Mint

Honestly, we are a sucker for anything with a satin finish. As if Good & Gather wasn’t already an inventive and delicious brand, they went ahead and gilded the lily with a sleek satin can, putting the finishing touches on some of our favorite bubblers.

And did we mention they come from Target? No, we’re not monsters. We think Target is the best, too. 

The Cucumber Mint flavor is one of our mainstays, almost always stocked in our fridge. Not only is it refreshing, especially during the dog days of summer (which seem to last longer and longer every year), but mint and cucumber are both excellent palate cleansers. 

Therefore this aromatic sparkler pairs well with just about anything.  And no sweetness here, your dessert won’t get overwhelmed like it would by most of those fruity sparkling waters.

Tasting Notes

The cucumber is subtle, like cucumber always is, but it’s definitely present and tastes like a whole cucumber, earthy and cool.

But the mint is the star here.  If you love mint, this will blow your minty mind.  We’ve never had a mint flavor quite like this.  

It dominates, but it’s deeply complex, vegetal, spicy.  This is not your standard toothpaste-flavored water, this is like they went out into the garden behind Target (they have those, right?) and juiced a handful of fresh, dewey mint leaves, stems and all, into a deeply-steeped crystal glass of eau de cuke.  It’s pure, clean, mint-forward refreshment.

And while we’re breaking down the nuts and bolts: We love the quality of Good & Gather carbonation. The bubbles are medium-soft, and have a melt-in-your-mouth quality that allows you to really savor the irrepressibly creative flavor combinations that Good & Gather continually delivers.


Carbonated Water, Natural Flavor

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