Lemongrass + CBD

If you’ve read Keats’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn” you know that truth is beauty and beauty, truth. And in the Bubbleverse, we have our own poetic saying: Lemongrass is the most dominant flavor you can possibly put in a can.

That is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know. Call us the Romantic Poets of sparkling water.

Look, we like lemongrass, but it can really overwhelm the senses when done without a deft hand, so we were skittish when we saw that Dram had a pure, uncut, straight-up lemongrass flavor.

But then they kind of reeled us in with the 25 mg of CBD, and knew we had to have it. We love a CBD moment, and you should, too. If you’re wondering why, peep our sister site’s page that gives you all the tea on CBD (CBTea?)

So, how did Dram’s lemongrass creation come out?

The nose on this is fresh and bright, as if you had sauntered into a field of said grass on a crisp, cool morning. The aroma is a cool pool of rainwater that’s been steeped in herbaceous glory. We just want to face plant in.

Tasting Notes

Dram has created something so majestic and elusive with their lemongrass flavor. It delivers all of the best qualities of lemony strand, citrus musings and herbal quips, harmonizing perfectly into a sonnet formed in CBD pentameter.

It’s like walking through a lemongrass field and letting the grass’s aroma tickle your senses, rather than being beaten across the face with sharp stalks. This is how we like our lemongrass.

As always with Dram, there’s a slight sweetness due to the glycerine used in their extraction process, but in this one particularly it’s very subdued.

But Dram doesn’t just only deliver a sublime Lemongrass dream chock full of broad spectrum hemp extract. No, they also infuse these with a potable stanza of life-affirming ingredients.

They contain Schisandra, a berry adaptogen known for its life-giving properties. It is purported to boost the immune system, assists in normalizing blood sugar and blood pressure, and prevents aging, the most beloved of all herbal properties. We love that Dram sneaks in an adaptogen here and there, so if the CBD isn’t enough for you, let Schisandra take the wheel.

Also threading through this poem is Eleuthero, another adaptogen that has been used for thousands of years to both boost energy and metabolism, while simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety. Eluethero is also inscribed in the pantheon of antioxidants, and might be neuroprotective as well.

And one of our personal faves, Lemon Balm. The citrusy extract that provides maximum chill, alleviating stress and giving a gentle boost to cognitive function.

We continue to love Dram’s beautiful can designs and dreamy, peak-mood-board design. They inspire the poetry in our palates. We are reminded of one of our favorite British Romantic poems, one of the most epic of them all, Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan”. We like to think in his opening stanza he meant to write:

Where Dram, the sacred sparkling water, ran
Through CBD caverns measureless to man
Down to a lemongrass sea.


Purified Carbonated Water, Non GMO Glycerin, organic Lemongrass, organic Lemon Balm, organic Cold Pressed Lemon Oil, organic Eleuthero Root, organic Schisandra Berry, organic Hibiscus Petals, PCR Hemp Extract, Lemon Salt

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