Beauty Bubbles

Dram continues to surprise and delight us with its captivating simplicity, both in visual aesthetic and subtle, earthy flavor profiles. 

So when we saw that in addition to their original herbal waters and bitters, they also offered CBD Sparkling Water called “Beauty Bubbles”, we assumed this was a bespoke creation intended for us, and only us. (We’re not going to lie: “Beauty” + “CBD” + “Sparkling Water” are essentially all of our buzzwords and the precise algorithm to unlock our hearts.) We might have to order these by the truckload. 

Before we dive into these effervescent waters of pulchritude, if you’re curious about CBD, how it works, why we are major fans of it, head over to our sister site The Gummy Galaxy, where we break it alllll down. Any questions about CBD magic? We’re pretty sure we got ‘em all covered. 

Okay, let’s plunge on. When you first crack open the can, it’s hard to tell what you’re in for. There’s no discernible aroma rising up to greet you. To be fair, there’s no flavor mentioned on the can, but usually there’s a hint of something on the nose.  But this one retains its mystery until you take the first sip…

Tasting Notes


Ahhhh. This is subtly at its finest. This is a Disney princess in full bloom, but modest, understated: a woke Belle in the library reading The Secret Life of Plants

We do get an intimation of flavor, too! And it’s close to divine. Among the orange oil and lemon salt listed on the ingredients, there’s the loveliest rose in the garden here to greet your palate and your senses.  

It’s a resplendent way to underscore the Beauty in these Bubbles, because is there any better way to conjure beauty than with the fragrance and flavor of a rose? We think not. It’s truly a nuanced and ascendent choice.

But what else is here that we don’t taste that is elevating our beauty? This is where the adaptogenic part comes in.  

Let’s break it down: 

CoQ10 is a potent lil molecule that is both a powerful antioxidant and plays a vital role in how your cells produce energy.  Although we produce it naturally in our bodies, that production slows down as we age, so it never hurts to get a little support from your sparkling water!  Topical CoQ10 “has the efficacy to prevent many of the detrimental effects of photoaging,” so may as well get some inside you, too.

Moringa Leaf is another rich source of antioxidants, plus vitamin C and beta carotene, precursors to collagen production which also have photoprotective activity.  “Photoprotection” doesn’t have to just come from the Nashville Filter cranked up to 100 percent.

Silver Ear Mushroom is a gourmet mushroom that also has a long history in Chinese medicine as a skin hydrator.  It seems to work like hyaluronic acid, but better, because the molecules at work here are smaller and can penetrate and hydrate skin more effectively.  Who doesn’t love a good hydration penetration?

Bilberry is a Scandinavian blueberry densely packed with antioxidants, especially anthocyanins, which both stabilize and help increase collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in your skin.  There’s some evidence that bilberries can also improve your vision and protect your eyes, which is important so you can bask in your radiant beauty while staring at yourself in the mirror while you drink this.

Amla berry is an Ayurvedic superberry, yet another rich antioxidant source that might also support hair growth.

Not to mention the red raspberry leaf, hibiscus, and vibrational flower essences!

We really can’t rave enough about this fairy tale of a beverage. Between the rose flavor, the healthy dose of chill from the CBD, and the plethora of beauty supplements added, we want this both for our beauty routine and as a go-to sparkling water.


Purified Carbonated Water, Non GMO Glycerin, PCR Hemp Extract, Co-Enzyme Q10, organic Silver Ear Mushroom, organic Red Raspberry Leaf, organic Moringa Leaf, organic Bilberries, organic Hibiscus Petals, organic Amla Berry, Pretty Face Flower Essence, Cherry Plum Flower Essence, organic Orange Oil, organic Rosewater, Lemon Salt

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