CBD Tangerine

We love to journey into the Wellerverse every now and again. These Fine Purveyors of CBD sparkling waters continue to impress with deliciously-executed flavor profiles and that sweet, sweet CBD that delivers maximum focus and chill, each and every time.

Did you know where the Weller name comes from? We didn’t either.

So, Weller-as-brand-name originates from their belief that their products make you “well-er”. Groooooan. Dad Joke Alert. 🙋🏻‍♂️🚨

We’re not a huge fan of that wordplay (?), but it’s amazing how downing 25 mg of cannabinoid goodness makes that cheesiness much more palatable.  In fact, totally acceptable!

Their tagline is also “Positivity to the People” and it’s pretty remarkable & magical that they managed to make us feel somewhat more positive about naming their product Weller, so mission accomplished!

In case you’re not ready to feel “weller” yet, we’ll help you along. Let’s crack this genuinely aesthetically pleasing sunset-colored can open and get started!

When we first open this Tangerine, we can’t help but bask in the aromatic citrus rising up to greet us. The nose is bright candy orange.

Reminiscent of fresh sharp Cuties and those tasty orange vitamin C lozenges that we are always tempted to take more of than the recommended dosage.

(seriously, that is an enticing smell to us, don’t judge.)

Tasting Notes


We think this Weller sparkling water is the tastiest of their bunch. We like them all, honestly. We love the illicit and rich maraschino that their robust Black Cherry gives us. And we enjoy their sweet, fleshy Watermelon, even if we couldn’t untaste the distinct cantaloupe flavors as we worked our way through the can.

The tangerine is sweet orange soda with a darker, bitter edge. The buoyant circus of orange grows into an acrid aftershow, but we are here for this afterparty. The fruit-forward essences melting away, letting the dank CBD aromas linger.

And, let’s call a spade a spade: the CBD show is why we came to this sparkling fête anyway!  Like the other W+ sparkling waters, these offer 25 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract.

This particular expression of tangerine is everything we love in a sparkling water. Bright, authentic. And because it harmonizes so elegantly with the earthiness of the hemp, this is not a Tangerine plucked from a tree: this is a tangerine straight from the earth.

Vegetal brightness. Fecund sunshine. It’s totally divine.

And by the end of it, not only will you feel “weller,”  you’ll understand why this brand literally called themselves well-er.

And you’ll be totally a-okay with it all. ✌🏻


Carbonated Water, Natural Flavors, Quillaja Extract, MCT Coconut Oil, Ascorbic Acid, CBD

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