CBD Black Cherry

Like most good things in the world, Weller’s CBD sparkling waters hail from Colorado. What’s going on in Colorado? We’ll wager a guess. (🌿🚬)

Seriously though, from our newest favorite hard seltzer to our all-time favorite CBD gummy, there is some real magic happening up in the Rocky Mountain State these days. (Confidential to Colorado: Keep it comin’.)

So we had high hopes when we discovered these were also from the fertile crescent of the greater Denver area. Our first foray into Weller World was with their Black Cherry flavor, since we love the Waterloo varietal and were hoping this would also bring that same satisfaction.

The nose on this is Deep Maraschino. The cherry cordial that greets you when you think you’re biting into a mere chocolate, and get that rich cherry surprise.

Sensual, decadent, veering into inappropriate, until you suddenly get a slight and bizarre waft of…Dr. Pepper? 

Tasting Notes


This is a strong black cherry. Compared to the other juvenile cherry-flavored waters running around out there, this one is grown all the way up. Rated NCherry-17. The maraschino deepens, richens, unzips the Little Black Dress of the palate. 

Nothing thin or reedy here, this is a resplendent, Rubenesque cherry, fully languid on the tongue. We’re pretty sure that in Titanic, Kate Winslet famously said “Draw me like one of your Weller Black Cherries, Jack.”  

Eventually, the round fruit-forward moment simmers into something more herbaceous and earthy.  Bitter, even.

Which is not entirely unwelcome. This lets you know that Weller isn’t just here to tickle the taste buds. No, they’re here to get maximum chill happening. 

Because let’s get down to it: We’re not really here for the cherry, are we? We came here for that sweet, sweet CBD. All 25 mg of it. 

Even if you didn’t come here for that, you undoubtedly meant to, either subconsciously or guided by a benevolent spirit. We can tell you exactly why you probably need some CBD in your life in our CBD exposé: Guide to CBD Gummies over on our sister site, The Gummy Galaxy, where we get real extra while breaking down everything about this potent and popular molecule. 

Either way, these bubblers definitely bring the mellow.

Weller’s CBD Sparkling Waters also contain MCT coconut oil, which is another little bonus. MCT oil is popping up all over the place these days as a booster in various drinks and supps, purportedly to boost brain function, increase energy, manage weight, and even lower cholesterol. These are really working overtime.

The tagline on these cans is “focused and chilled”, which is our preferred way of being, so be prepared for all of The Bubbleverse content to henceforth be fueled by CBD sparkling water.


Carbonated Water, Natural Flavors, Quillaja Extract, MCT Coconut Oil, Ascorbic Acid, CBD

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