Perhaps the most famous love letter to strawberries came from the Beatles. Which was helpful, because until 1967, humanity collectively and erroneously assumed it was Banana Fields that we weren’t supposed to get hung about. And then we stood corrected.

And as it turns out, one corner of the strawberry field has a babbling strawberry brook, perfectly carbonated with juicy strawberry flavor and sparkling, non-GMO bubbles. Where you can dip your can in and spend an afternoon sipping mindlessly, contemplating how it’s getting hard to be someone, but it all works out.

Clearly The Beatles knew a thing or two about guzzling Waterloo Strawberry, and so do we.

Let us take you down.

Weirdly, the nose on this screams Crisp Apple. It’s fresh, sunny, veering into the juicy forbidden. Not necessarily a field of strawberries. But what can we say? Nothing is real.

Tasting Notes


This is definitely Strawberry Fields Forever.* Rolling hills of sweet, ripened fruit. With each bubble coursing down your throat, you get the sensation that you’re munching on a berry, each swallow bursting with perfect summer flavor.

*Our deepest apologies to The Beatles for saying their time-honored ode was about Waterloo Strawberry Sparkling Water. It was clearly about LSD.

But once you’ve noticed the apple in the nose, it’s really hard to untaste it in the flavor. And much like an acid trip, the flavor keeps morphing back and forth between juicy, sapid strawberry and fresh honeycrisp. The walls between fruits are melting, everything dissolving into The White Light Of The Fruit. Are we in a strawberry field or an apple orchard? Is that Sergeant Pepper or Johnny Appleseed strolling over the hills? We think, er, no, we mean, er, yes, but it’s all wrong, at least we think it’s strawberry.

Interestingly, as you work your way through the can, the apple peaks and then subsides, maybe as certain aromatics evaporate. By the end of the trip, the strawberry has revealed that it is, truly, forever.

It’s a decent strawberry, honed in on deep ripeness & sweetness rather than citric sourness or the slight bitterness of the white center. But for a single-fruit-focused water, we’d prefer the whole berry, instead of just going for the most obvious flavor notes, you know?

So this isn’t the most convincing hallucination of a strawberry in the bubbleverse: that honor might go to Good & Gather’s Strawberry Mango or Aura Bora’s Basil Berry.  Or if you want a more-or-less pure dose of strawberry, go with AHA’s Strawberry + Cucumber.

But it’s all right, that is, we think, it’s not too bad.


Purified Carbonated Water, Natural Flavors

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