Lime (RIP)

Lime Time!

Lime appears to be in an arms race with grapefruit for Most Beloved Citrus in the bubbleverse, and we like to imagine a glorious battle between pink and green sparkling bubbles, each more delicious and bold than the next.

Sure, Pamplemousse changed the world, but where was it when Perrier Lime was the lone Titan on Bubble Olympus?  

Either way, there’s a lot of contenders for Top Lime out there. Seemingly every single sparkling water brand has an entry, and we’re here to grade them all. (Check back often for more lime-offs.)

In this corner, we have Waterloo Lime! 🥊 The obvious direct competitor to LaCroix, and the heir apparent, if your kingdom is non-GMO approved and from Austin.

Important note, though: perhaps this lime has retreated from battle.

Waterloo recently launched their Lemon-Lime, which appears to be a replacement for both their lemon & lime flavors.  We haven’t been able to track down a concrete confirmation, but their press release seems fairly clear:

“The sparkling water category is currently saturated with Lemon-flavored and Lime-flavored options, so Waterloo decided to elevate the sparkling citrus experience with a delightful combination of both.”

We’ll update this review as we get more information!

Update October 8, 2020

We reached out to Waterloo, and they confirmed that the lime has been discontinued.

Message from Waterloo confirming the Lime sparkling water has been discontinued
new and love?

But, for the time being, you can still find this in stores, so maybe grab some while you still can!  We did.

Ok, let’s pop it. 

Oh, yes. We emphatically approve of the nose on this. It’s a near perfect Lime Aroma.

The continual use of “Natural Flavors” as a catchall for the mystery essences that go on the ingredients list can sometimes leave us cynical and suspect. But this actually smacks of something created in nature.

It’s a little slice of lime heaven beckoning you forward. Come hither, bring me to thy lips.

Why, sure. Don’t mind if we do. 

Tasting Notes


Ahhh. Understated, subdued, this is not here to push, but pull you in for closer inspection. A lime that lures you in for something more intimate. 

So subtle, in fact, that at first you wonder if there’s much going on at all.   But with a further sip or two, something really refreshing and satisfying is revealed. The lime in this can is not explosive, but genteel, measured. 

It rounds out and lingers as the sip disappears, almost sweetly .

There’s none of the sourness of Topo Chico’s Twist of Lime, no terrible questionable chlorination like the Bubly Lime, no cartoon violence like AHA’s Lime + Watermelon. This is resoundingly nice.

If there were an award for Pleasantness this would probably win. Citrus Congeniality?

If we were to offer a small critique, it would be that the lime is perhaps a little too subtle on the tongue.   It could lose to slightly bolder, braver limes in the long term.  And this is coming from some self-styled sophisticates!  We adore subtlety!  But you don’t need to play it quite so safe, Waterloo!  

So, this one may not be something we wind up craving too much.  But it’s a good backstop for when the store is out of other flavors due to the Great Aluminum Can Shortage of 2020.  

But brava to the execution of a genuinely satisfying lime flavor. Not easy to do, and we tip our caps to this effervescent achievement.  If you’re a lime person, you’ll probably love this.  (Also try Waterloo’s new Lemon-Lime, it’s different, but kinda the best.)

Point for Team Lime.


Purified Carbonated Water, Natural Flavors

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