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Let’s all put our hands together and welcome Veryvell to the stage. Veryvell is a brand sparkling new CBD sparkling water, a product of Truss CBD USA.

(For some reason Truss, the name of this Molson Coors subsidiary, always enters our brain like Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk!”, and we’re not mad about it.)

So yes, Truss is a sleek, minimally-designed CBD bland brand that falls under the tackier parent corp of Molson Coors.

We recognized it as the perfect melange of corporate bullshit combined with all the ingredients we love. So we had to try it immediately. We ordered every flavor.

Let’s get the annoying news out of the way: We cannot tell what’s happening with this name.

Is it Veryvell or Verywell? Because they’re clearly attempting some have-their-cake-and-eat-it-too strategy by using the much cuter Veryvell on a technical level, but also writing things like “Live Veryvell” on the can like Count Chocula has become our life coach.

To further exacerbate the phonetic cleverness, they combine two Vs into an actual W elsewhere on the can.

Considering living “veryvell” means literally nothing, they’re obviously trying to say “Live Very Well” (🥴), but trying to get cute with it and/or dodge a trademark infringement lawsuit from Verywell.

We honestly can’t tell why they’re trying to thread this dumb, pointless needle. Either be Veryvell or Verywell, but pick a lane. We’re not chill enough yet to like this confusing branding.

Ok, we said it and now we can move on. Thank you for coming to our Truss Talk.

Because the good news is we kind of like everything else about this new CBD sparkling water brand. A lot.

We were particularly excited to see that along with 20 mg of CBD, these contain Ashwagandha and L-theanine, two of our favorite Bonus Ingredients, as we’re powerless before the Adaptogen Craze we currently find ourselves in that is vice-gripping millennials everywhere.

Ashwaganda is currently sweeping the nation in the form of one Goli gummy. Touted to change your entire life from the inside out by tackling everything from stress reduction to libido and sleep function, Ashwagandha is currently branded as the herbal fix-it that the pharmaceutical industry wishes they were.

L-theanine an amino acid found primarily in green tea and can offer a lil boost to our GABA and serotonin levels. We cling to our serotonin like it’s our Bondo-ed life raft in an episode of “I shouldn’t be alive”, so yes, please. More l-theanine.

Add a few dashes of lavender to this sparkling CBD water, and we are totally ready to not give a shit about anything. (Let’s hope!)

The tagline on the can is “Let go of your day,” so naturally we like to drink these first thing in the morning.

Never too early to just let it go, we say. This approach to life is probably how we wound up spending our days reviewing every known sparking water in the universe and not as people with 401ks.

The cans are beautiful. Elegant. The periwinkle blue, hunter green color palette works perfectly with the mellow gold font. It’s like CBD for your eyes. Ocular Ashwagandha. Okay, we’ll stop now.

Let’s just crack it open and let it go.

The nose on this suddenly makes us forget how much we hate the double v or one w debacle, because it’s already actual heaven. The blueberry and the lavender are both there, perfectly intertwined and lacing their way through our olfactory senses into our brainstem.

Tasting Notes

Lavender is usually a quintessential spa breeze, an airy aromatic that only dominates in its ability to lull you into peace and surrender.

But here the lavender is both the Captain and the Leviathan. The blueberry waters tranquilly effervescent beneath the lavender waves pounding your mouth.

And as herb nerds, we are thrilled by this execution. This is not a lavender-shy, herbals-to-the-back presentation. This is flower forward, the bursting blueberries only here to support this hallowed relaxogen.

This is the earthy, bitter real deal. This is less sniffing the satchel, than shoving the satchel in your mouth, stems and corolla stuck in your teeth as you chew uncomfortably.

Blueberries lay back, chillin’ like understated villains. They’re there, but this is the lavender’s show and it stomps around its aromatic boat on its adaptogenic peg leg, ordering the ashwagandha to take us down a notch.

So to address the most important question here: is this effective in an immediately, palpable way? Why, yes. It’s not even noon at the time of writing and we have deeply let go of this day.

By the end of this can, the CBD, Lavender, Ashwagandha and L-theanine completely having their way with us, we’ve come to the conclusion we want to drink these every day of our lives.

We’re totally living veryvell from here on out, again, whatever that is.

Be vell, friends.


Carbonated Water, Broad Spectrum CBD (Hemp Extract), Ashwagandha Extract, Natural Flavors, L-theanine

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