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This is the last of the Veryvell Truss CBD sparkling water trifecta, and we may have taken a little too long to circle back to this one because it wasn’t our favorite of the three when we initially tried them. That honor would belong to their Blueberry Lavender (which we only recently realized tastes incredibly similar to our favorite in the Hiball vs. Ugly Death Match: Berry).

But our fondness for berries is not why we’re here!  Today we’re tackling the tart-on-tart power couple that is Strawberry and Hibiscus. We’re noticing a pattern here. Veryvell, rather than creating a yin and yang in their flavor pairings and fusing two opposites that create balance and harmony, prefer to ratchet up Like + Like, so we wind up with combinations like the Uber Mellow Blueberry Lavender and the Hyper Bitter Grapefruit Tarragon.

But these Verywells are Very-tible vibe bringers, so even when your mouth says this is insane, your body says 😎. And let’s be honest. We need this. If you’re not pounding CBD water by the gallon these days, you’re basically going to drown in the late stage capitalist deep end of self-loathing, so take our hand. We’re here to guide you back to the calmer, safer pastures of the terpenes.

And that’s not all that’s waiting to bathe your nerves in the effervescent waters of Veryvell. The Strawberry Hibiscus is infused with adaptogenic It Girl Ashwagandha as well as immunity classic Elderberry. Truss (the parent label here) is pushing so hard to chill you the f*ck out, they’re practically jumping the shark with these ingredient combos.

It’s like they have an old timey Bingo machine just rolling around all the latest herbal buzzwords and seeing which two fall out two at random. Between all three of these offerings, we definitely have a self-care Bingo.

Before we go any further, we’d be remiss not to point out that these are currently only available in Colorado. So we regret to inform you, this will just be a tease for those of you not in Colorado. But based on the time we spent there over the past year, it appears everyone and their hipster cousin is moving there, so pop some of these bad boys open when you host your own inevitable housewarming in Aurora.


We love the nose on this one. It’s a candied, marshmallow Strawberry. There’s the pastel pink sweetness that we got from Ugly’s Strawberry Cream Soda, but with a lithe undercurrent of something vegetal and sour (which we figure is from the hemp and hibiscus, respectively.)

Already we might be liking this more than we remember.

Tasting Notes


Oh, no. There it is again. This skews so damn sour that combined with the plant qualities of the hemp, it winds up tasting very much like a beer.

The strawberry is there, but because of the sharp sour effect, it morphs into something akin to the strawberry beer that we drank in France as a high school foreign exchange student. That is not a compliment. Nothing about that chapter in our lives really needs to be revisited.

Now if we really sit and ponder we can find the subtleties and nuances. Oh, look at that lovely Hibiscus, you mutter, as the flower quickly flutters across our tongue, never to be seen again.

The overall Beer impression is just really tough to shake off, dominating everything in its wake. And to be honest it just all feels a bit lazy. Because who didn’t see this coming? Of course these sour, vegetal flavors were going to compound and turn into a hoppy-tasting beast bigger than the sum of its parts. Or maybe it’s just impossible to make anything in Colorado that doesn’t wind up tasting like a beer.

Still. We’re not total haters. We are absolutely grateful to be drinking this. We don’t not enjoy pounding a can of this, we just don’t entirely get the calculus around the flavor profile. And to be fair, the bubble quality is lovely and gentle. With all the intense overwhelm your tastebuds are going through, the bubbles are a soothing sight for sore tongues.

These contain 20 mg of Hemp CBD, but the effect of these is palpable. By the end of the can, our harsher judgments have been tempered by the chill CBD and sensual Ashwagandha. Plus we got that immune boost in our sparkling water, so our body is smiling. We can feel it.

We basically can’t even remember what we were so worked up about. We are loose, untethered from the base problems of matrix reality. No wonder they don’t want these crossing state lines. People from Delaware surely can’t handle this. Only Colorado Avalanche fans can.

We do hope that if you’re not already in the process of moving to Colorado, then you have a chance to try these when you finally do. And if so, invite us to your housewarming. We’ll also introduce you to the best pasty on the planet.



Carbonated Water, Broad Spectrum CBD (Hemp Extract), Elderberry Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Natural Flavors

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