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CBD Grapefruit

Untitled Art is a brand that’s been on our radar for a while now, we’ve just never gotten around to trying them. From their fun, poppy CBD labels to their uniquely designed craft beer, we’ve kind of felt like they were up our alley. Every time you drink Untitled Art, you’re supporting an artist! That’s exactly the kind of brand we like to get behind!

So much in fact, that over the past year we’ve filled up a cart on their site many times. Sure, we never actually checked out, but isn’t that part of the fun and fantasy? Who else likes to fill up online shopping carts and never check out, like it’s a goddamn Olympic sport?

Either way, quite possibly, in no place were we bigger champs than on the Untitled Art site.

And to not give credit where credit isn’t due: we actually procured this CBD Grapefruit in a store, so our online cart is still full, and we remain reigning champs.

Anyway, now that the can is finally here in front of us, we did a little more sleuthing into the brand. We discovered they’re actually from… Wisconsin.

Wisconsin?! Call us coastal elites, but this hip little art brand of craft beers and sparkling CBD water did not give us midwestern vibes at all. We definitely associate “Wisconsin” with its midwestern elder LaCroix, but we appreciate how times have changed. The kids and their functional beverages are alright.

Untitled Art is definitely the hip youngest child of the Wisconsin family that ran off to be an artist, disrupting the Family Business by coming out with sparkling water that was a hundred percent more CBD-fueled.

So we should preface this all by saying that there are 2 calories in this water. And that goes deeply against the zero calorie policy in the Bubbleverse.

However! There’s ZERO sugar, which is a huge important factor for us (sorry, Spindrift). We’re assuming those calories come from the Hemp Oil, so we’ll give them a pass since we love CBD sparkling water so much.

Brands like Dram, Weller, and Veryvell manage to make sparkling Hemp waters with no listed calories, so…it can be done, Untitled Art. 😒

Okay, back to this can. Honestly, this is kind of our dream can. Bright and friendly with just the right amount of bold-to-pastel color ratio.  A lil’ retro, a lil’ contemporary, all Wisconsin hipster.

Let’s crack it open!

The nose is a dream. A candied grapefruit dream. This is what you hoped it would smell like.

Maybe this is what two calories smells like. In which case fine, we’ll take the two cals.

Tasting Notes


Grapefruit, whoa! This is a sour trip straight to the heart of our favorite citroid. Grapefruit flavored sparkling water ranges all over the map, from “vaguely citric” to “deep pink and fleshy.” Untitled Art definitely captures something distinctly and artisanal grapefruit-y. It’s not as lush as some, but it’s tart and delicious all the same.

As with all CBD sparkling waters, there’s a bitter vegetal edge in this.

The bubble quality is a little more intense, too. Tiny, packed and sharp. It’s not unpleasant, but with the sour threshold of the grapefruit, the fierce bubbles and bitter herb, it’s also not the mellowest of CBD sparkling waters. This is no airy Beauty Bubble fairy tale.

Sometimes, in sparkling waters, the carbonation feels like an afterthought. And while we enjoy sparkling waters where carbonation is just a de facto part of the experience, at other times the bubbles are their own flavor, a quality and thought form that is there to be reckoned with. And that’s the side of the spectrum we’re on with this Untitled Art.

The grapefruit maintains some of the promised candied quality, which is good, because with the other factors at play, the hemp oil, the tight bubbles, the overall effect lands somewhere in white grapefruit territory. That mouth-puckering land of too much, but here it works. You get a little bit of everything on the grapefruit spectrum.

In general, there’s some heft, a sort of chewiness that pervades the experience. It’s possible it’s from the hemp oil (TWO CALORIES OF IT), but that’s not to say that it’s oily or anything, it’s just got a mouthfeel.

Like most sparkling CBD sparkling waters, these contain 20 mg of CBD. (Dram bumps it up to 25 mg, but 20 is pretty standard). We find that this amount imbues us with some nice, mellow chill.

So after a year of building up our Untitled Art expectations, we have to say this doesn’t disappoint. It’s a real chip off the ol’ Wisconsin sparkling water block. Who knew the state of cheeseheads and… (wait, what else is there?) was such a sparkling water powerhouse.

Okay, we love you Untitled Art. Even with your two puny calories that are so inconsequential, yet force us to break our zero calorie streak we have here. Seriously, why must they be there??

But again, in this flawed universe, nothing is perfect. Even this glorious little can of Grapefruit CBD sparkling water.


Carbonated Water, Organic Grapefruit Flavor, Hemp Oil with Naturally Occurring CBD

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