Morning Bloom Bulgarian Rose

Sometimes the sponsored algorithms really get it right, and something pops up on your screen that sends you into paroxysms of impulse buying, rendering you powerless before our silicon valley social media overlords, and you don’t even care.

That’s how we feel about Rōzu’s Bulgarian Sparkling Rose Water.

We have waxed woo woo before about how Roses Have The Highest Vibrational Frequency when we quaffed Aura Bora’s sublime Cactus Rose, so it’s probably no surprise that we were beside ourselves when we saw this product even merely exists out there in the world.

Their motto is “Hydrate Nourish Surrender”, and it fully feels like the emphasis is on “Surrender” when it comes to succumbing to this marketing so swiftly and entirely.

We think their use of “Surrender” has more to do with their Can Poetry, a genre which Aura Bora first introduced us to, and now we just assume is part of the Boutique Sparkling Water experience. If you’re not word-seducing us, are we even getting the herbal experience of our dreams?

The poetry really primes you for the experience you’re about to have. Hopefully it doesn’t take you too far out of your body. All lowercase because Capital Letters are too harsh, okay?

let’s forget the world.
all of it.
the movement.
the tasks.
the “to-dos”.
even these words.
let’s leave them right here.
go ahead.
forget it.
bathe the senses
in the blossoms of the beyond.

even these words. let’s leave them right here just sends us. 💀💀💀

On the can we’re about to drink? Is that helpful? Where are they going?

Either way, we are not mad, because we love a VIBE. And Rōzu is a whole mood.

Now, the name Rōzu is a little funny for a company pumped on roses from Bulgaria. Their site immediately tells you that Rōzu is Japanese for rose, and the Bubbleverse is all about worldly life, but something about Japanese branding with Eastern European product bumps us. Especially because apparently Rose in Bulgarian is “Roza”, which is basically the same thing as Rōzu.

Completely muddling a streamlined Brand Narrative, they also give their sparkling waters names like “Morning Bloom”. Their Hawaiian Jasmine is dubbed “Clear Skies”, and rounding out the sleep/wake cycle is French Lavender’s “Evening Dusk”.

So much evocation going on, we kind of feel overstimulated at this point.

So we have Bulgaria, Hawaii, France, Japan and the 24-hour day. We feel strangely grounded in the temporal circadian rhythms of the 3D world for something so ephemeral and 5D aspirational.

Anyway, if you’re still with us and not totally having an out of body experience, let’s crack open the can and sip, shall we?

The nose on this is a light, floral potpourri. This is a waft of a fresh bouquet from a few feet away. This is not nose-covered-in-pollen, face-first into the real thing.

Just a hint of what’s to come, like spring around the corner beckoning you to rise up from the underworld.

Tasting Notes


This is a perfect petal floating on your tongue, bitter, floral, aromatic, thick.

It’s actually a little intense, when you’re tongue-to-flower: all the dimensions of the plant are present. No false advertising here. This is ROSE.

The water is purified alkaline water, which is as refreshing and life-giving as it sounds.

The third ingredient in this is “trace sea minerals,” and this sparkling water is as minerally as a rose quartz crystalline cenote.

If it wasn’t for the rose, this might even be too minerally. But somehow, the alkaline density and slight salinity of the dissolved solids are balanced and cut by the bitter floralness of the rose in a delicate balance that just works.

The finish is pure flowers, dissipating in a pink perfume, your mouth coated in the sea.  We are pretty sure that when you die and go to heaven, this is what you will find the gods drinking.

Honestly. The Bubbleverse wept.

Every flavor in here is so profound and unexpected that your brain has trouble making sense of it all. If we can divide sparkling waters into Pounders and Contemplators, Rōzu’s Sparkling Rose Water is the most contemplative thing we’ve ever put into our mouths.

Here’s the thorn though: Roses don’t come for free, as any weary boyfriend will tell you come Valentine’s Day. These are some of the priciest sparkling waters out there. Bulgarian Roses are primo and if you want your Morning Bloom, you’re going to have to pay.

But at the end of the day, we consider these #worthit. The product is top notch, and we always want to throw our weight and money behind the smaller boutique and niche sparkling water brands.

So crack this open and ascend. If these don’t raise your vibration, we’re not sure anything can.

In fact, we’re writing this from On High as we speak, having left our bodies for the Astral Plane about halfway through the can.

Stay tuned for later in the day when we sip on some Clear Skies, and then join us for Evening Dusk, too. Rōzu all day. Should be on the Monadic Plane by then.


Sparkling Filtered Alkaline Water, 100% Organic Bulgarian Rose Water, Trace Sea Minerals

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