Clear Skies Hawaiian Jasmine

Ever since the effervescent Morning Bloom of Bulgarian Rose entered our lives, we’ve been low key obsessed with Rōzu and their wildly evocative and sublime floral sparkling waters.

The pastel vibes, the genuinely superlative product, the strange invocations of circadian rhythms in the names of each flavor.

So after polishing off the dewy morning bloom, it was naturally time for us to bask in the Clear Skies of the midafternoon, this time trading Bulgaria and its roses for the tropical balm of the Hawaiian Islands and their fragrant jasmine.


Yes, if you’re like us, you’re aware that jasmine is a lovely flower, but mostly associate the name with the Disney Princess from Aladdin.

Either way, not our first association for a sparkling water ingredient.

Maybe you already envision a beautiful white-petaled blossom, but here are some fun facts about Jasmine!

Despite what Rōzu might say, jasmine isn’t native to Hawaii.  Most botanists believe that it originated in Persia and/or tropical parts of Eurasia, though it’s been naturalized around the world for centuries.

In Ayurveda, jasmine is sometimes used both to heal wounds and as an aphrodisiac! At a certain age, you want your aphrodisiacs to be anti-inflammatory.  No word on if ancient Ayurvedic Masters harnessed the powers of jasmine to subdue the parched millennial masses.

Rōzu certainly has, though!

And we were thrilled to have a can of such a unique and evocative ingredient in our hands. Now let’s talk about this can.

Lol, Can Poetry

So, Rōzu is a bit of a Vibe, and that vibe includes some sort of channelled word-stylings that they print on the can.

The Rose can’s poetry was cute, if not a little overwrought and silly, but Clear Skies takes it to another perplexing level. (Also, apparently, we’re still in the morning hours, not afternoon).

nothing renews like the morning
no thing
not a car
not the haves
or the have-nots
there is no thing more powerful
than not needing power
no place to better come to
than this place
our perpetual morning
sunlight at eye level

Da fuq?

Moving on.

The scent from the can is light and airy, like a fancy $75 Jasmine candle.

Or just a flower shoved straight up your nostril. If you think that sounds terrible, it’s not, we promise. You just want to shove that Jas Bloom deeper in tbh.

Let’s imbibe!

Tasting Notes


If the Bulgarian Rose took us to some high-vibe astral plane, the Jasmine has us ascending to Total Floral Ecstasy. We invoke the names of several deities while taking our first sip.

The jasmine in here is not overly done or overwhelming, like jasmine green tea can be, when it skews bitter and deeply vegetal. This is more like a liquified version of jasmine’s delicate aroma, which is exactly what we want and why it works so well.

Rōzu adds “trace sea minerals” to every flavor, and it gives a rich mouthfeel and thick minerality.

The jasmine is emphatically floral, but understated enough that the trace minerals still shine through for some gentle salinity, and you get a full hit of their refreshing alkaline water.

We are soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond (clear) Jasmine sky.

We’re now not certain that Aladdin wasn’t in fact singing A Whole New World about drinking jasmine sparkling water. Because this is shining, shimmering, splendid and now that we’re way up here “it’s crystal clear.”  Clear Skies!  The clues have been there this entire time! We just didn’t put it together.

Now we mentioned this in our Bulgarian Rose review, but Rōzu isn’t the cheapest brand on the block. Perhaps it’s the pricey poets they’re paying for the Can Poetry, or maybe it’s the princess petals themselves, either way: WORTH IT.

We jest about a lot of things around here, but not this.

Seriously, if you’ve ever considered drinking a flower, get some Rōzu.

Also, we deeply apologize for lodging that song into your brain for the rest of your life.


Sparkling Filtered Alkaline Water, 100% Organic Hawaiian Jasmine Water, Trace Sea Minerals

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