Peach Black Tea

Nixie is always taking us on a journey, and we never know quite where we’re going to wind up.  With their Lime Ginger we wound up in Colatown, and somehow Watermelon Mint took us to some tropical bubblegum paradise.

As fun as slipping into those gustatory wormholes are, thankfully today we’re staying in this dimension. No abstract and somewhat confusing flavor journeys this time around.

Today we’re taking a detour through the genteel South, where juleps flow like moonshine and afternoon thundershowers. So plop down on the veranda and recharge with these 30 organic mg of caffeine.

The Nixie can alone always sends us in a way that only a Nixie can can. Loud, super questionable colors and fonts, smashed together in a way that doesn’t make sense, but in an aggregate winds up compelling the eye, holding it in a tractor beam of bubbles, until you can no longer resist and you just have to know what’s inside. And honestly, we’re never disappointed.

The aroma of this Peach Black Tea is exactly that, impressively executed. There’s a solid hit of fuzzy peach, not overly ripe or underdeveloped tart, but the soft peach of a romanticized summer afternoon.

(Not the actual summer afternoon of the deep south, where you’re sweating so hard you can do nothing but pray to the God of Air Conditioning to bring sweet relief until nightfall).

And then something marvelous happens, the black tea wafts up like you’re steeping a pot right there in your hands. This is the southern classic, iced to perfection.

It just makes you want to bring your parched lips down to quench that thirst.

Tasting Notes


Maybe it’s just us, but this Nixie is a perfectly balanced unsweetened peach black tea. Hard stop.

While we are prone to wax extra on our sparkling water salvos, this sort of leaves us with little more to say than this is exactly as advertised. They nailed it. Triple Crown contender right here.

The peach is real subtle, a lush underlying fuzzy, fleshy and demure southern belle. There’s just enough of it to cut the bitterness of the tea, a tiny peach jockey steering the thoroughbred tea straight down your gizzard.

And let’s just tip our fascinator to the black tea that’s here. This is pure assam realness, steeped to perfection, not bitter, not thin.

Here’s the twist though! (There always seems to be a twist with Nixie), the black tea is just an “essence” added to the flavor. The actual caffeine comes from green tea. Fascinating. This is good to know, especially if you’re sensitive to black tea caffeine.

We really didn’t see this coming, because the black tea is so flavor forward and life-like we could have sworn we were harvesting some fair trade Darjeeling with our own hands.

By the last, photo-finish sip, we feel like we’ve been taken to the Kentucky Derby of caffeine: great lewks, heart-pounding races. But without the actual real-life ramifications of systemic animal abuse masquerading as sport.

We do declare.


Carbonated Water, Organic Flavors, Organic Black Tea Essence, Organic Caffeine from Green Tea

caffeine in Nixie Peach Black Tea


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