Key Lime

Let’s have ourselves a Key Lime kiki, shall we? 

Lovers of sparkling water know that Lime reigns supreme in the flavor category, so it makes sense that at some point bubbler creators wanted to tap that Lime Contingent even harder and create funky combinations that didn’t need to exist, and there was no one around to stop them. 

So the sparkle scientists got all improv on us, but instead of “Yes, and” they said “Lime, and,” and here we are today, living with needlessly over-the-top concoctions like AHA Lime + Watermelon

To be fair, we’re into it. 

So here’s a “Yes and” from LaCroix. Their 2017 New Flavor of the year and Obnoxious Can Color Combination Nominee. (We’re just assuming they were nominated, because wow, this can is ugly.) 

The eyesore emerald paired with inexplicable chalky swipes of aggressive orange and look-at-me yellow. Okay, LaCroix. We get it. You’re telegraphing this flavor is going to be bold and your fan base loves you unconditionally. You can put together any old ill-advised colors you want and people will still buy it. We see you. 

But still — it’s gonna be just a slightly different lime, right? Seemingly not much more than regular lime. Because what is a Key Lime after all?  They’re essentially just limes that are smaller and sweeter. 

By these guesstimations, it can’t be that much different than the subdued stately solo “lime”. Can it?

On first crack, the nose indicates, indeed, not that much. The scent here is very quiet. You might think that you’re in for a regular ol’ lime. 

But no. Oh, no no.

Strap in and sip on.

Tasting Notes 


This is wild. This is a flavor careening unhinged. Manic Key Lime Pie off to the races.

It greets you with a faceful of lime, but doesn’t stop there. It throws the pie in your face like you’ve just won the Grand Lime Game.

You got the whole shebang here. The burst of classic citrus. The sweet familiarity that comes from the keys. The vanilla of delicious pie insides. We swear you can even taste the pie crust.  You’re hanging out with Hemingway’s grandma in Key West and she’s serving dessert.  

Weirdly, while the nose of the Waterloo Lemon-Lime contains some vanilla, the taste has none.  But while the nose on the Key Lime keeps its secrets, the vanilla comes out to play in your mouth.  We also almost swear we can taste a little toasted coconut.

Key Lime is actually, according to Wikipedia, a “citrus hybrid”, and LaCroix has managed to create the perfect homage, blending the intensity of confection with the crispness and refreshment of the actual fruit.

This is all to say we are total fans! We love the dizzying, unfortunate color combinations on the can and the ridiculous flavor profile.  

LaCroix has been veering into the dessert flavors as of late, first with this one, and then again with this year’s Limoncello, and while we might’ve been skeptical at first, we find ourselves asking grandma for second helpings.

Truly, a moveable feast.


"Carbonated Water, Naturally Essenced"

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