Did you know that you can send us review requests?  If not, it’s ok, we didn’t know either!

But turns out, you can. Because recently we got an email from a fellow Bubblenaut requesting us to review this Apricot LaCroix, and, well, it kind of made our day.

We will confess, though, our excitement waned slightly at the request itself. Apricot LaCroix? Who is out there seeking that out on the reg? We weren’t entirely sure we would be able to replicate their love for this one.

We didn’t even quite put this together until the Apricot request was brought to our attention and we realized: We might be Peach Elitists.

But we also realized that maybe we just haven’t given Apricot a chance. We couldn’t even remember the last time we chose to drink an Apricot Lacroix.

And, look, it’s not like we don’t like LaCroix. We’ve been pounding Guava Sao Paulo and actually just purchased the pastel pens from their website that say #livelacroix as an office expense for Bubbleverse HQ. We realize that this has Big Basic Energy, but last we checked Aura Bora and Ugly didn’t make pens, ok?

But let’s talk Stone Fruits!

Perhaps one of the reasons we overlook La Croix Apricot is because we always tend to pick Apricot’s prettier Peach cousin. We adore Waterloo Peach and Nixie Peach Black Tea. Oh, honey-colored stone fruits of summer.

Whereas one conjures juices dripping down the chin and sweet fuzzy skins, the other…doesn’t really conjure much of anything. It’s like if Apricot and Peach were sisters, Peach would be the cute one. (You can be the funny one, Apricot!)

But one of us grew up in Georgia, so have we just led sheltered, peach-centric lives up until now, ignoring the Apricots out there to our loss?  Who knows?

All we know is that Justin Bieber gets his peaches out in Georgia, so he either

  1. doesn’t think Apricots are worth singing about or
  2. like us, he has no idea where they come from or how to get them.

(Suffice it to say, there are no pop songs about Apricots.)

We quickly realized there’s so much we don’t know. What even is the difference between a peach and apricot, anyway?

When we did a shallow dive into the stone fruit pool of the Internet, we learned that both Peaches and Apricots belong to our favorite family, The Rose Family, albeit in the genus Prunus. (Almonds, Apples and Pears are also in that group, so today we also learned a Rose by any other name is actually an Almond.)

But even though they’re all Prunuses, Apricots are basically less juicy, less sweet Peaches.

And look, we love tasting a fresh Apricot sample at the South Pasadena farmer’s market once in a while, but it really kinda just seems like a lesser peach.

But we’re game to see if we can be converted to Team Apricot, so let’s go!

Upon first crack of the can, we get the sweet peachy notes on the nose. But if you sniff closely, there is something distinct and tart about the Apricot before you, a je ne sais quoi that separates it out and gives you a definite Apricot essence.

We’re intrigued.

Tasting Notes

This is a subtle exploration of the Apricot Quintessence. Even though we have to keep repeating “apricot, apricot, apricot” over and over in our heads while drinking this to keep our brains from registering it as Peach, and even though the LaCroix Apricot can is cloaked in that tacky orange color, the flavor, when you actually contemplate it, has some nuance to it.

It’s actually a pretty subtle and sophisticated flavor, all things considered. We were kind of prepping for an Apricot Explosion, but instead it’s mellow, juicy, and slightly tart.  In our minds we were imagining the concentrated sweetness of a dried apricot, while LaCroix actually serves up a delicate freshy.

The hint of tartness in the finish takes the edge off the sweeter notes, which helps separate this from peach terrority. And as we drink this, we find that we don’t actually miss the peachy sweetness! Turns out we like a little tart in our stone fruit.

Overall, this is genuinely refreshing. Especially on those days when you’re stuck in a heat dome, this is a cool summer reverie, Apricot Cobbler and Crisps adorning the picnic table. We genuinely appreciate what LaCroix has done here.

So thank you, intrepid bubblenaut, for bringing Apricot to our attention!  We hadn’t quite realized that LaCroix had put together such a thoughtful exploration of this flavor. And as far as we can tell, this is one of the rare Apricot Sparkling Waters around!

We may still be Team Peach in our hearts, but in truth, we do like a tarter and less sugary vibe.  So maybe we are secretly Apricot people after all??

And honestly, it was super delightful for us to get to do a review that was also a dedication, so shout out to our Bubbleverse friends.

Send us review requests, say hi. Whether you get your Peaches out in Georgia, or your Apricots in Alaska. (Okay, we know there are no Apricots growing in Alaska now, but pretty sure in five to ten years, it’ll have the perfect growing season.)


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