Aura Bora
Peppermint Watermelon

“Hello, world!” is emblazoned on each Aura Bora can, friendly, an unassuming proclamation. 👋🏻

But it is perhaps a little misleading.

It’s like simply saying “hey what’s up?” to your Raya date, when really what you want to say is, “I am about to burrow into your soul. I will haunt your dreams. You won’t know how to live without me. No more LaCroix for you.”

Even then, there are hints of what’s to come in their irrepressibly eye-catching can art, a symphony of millennial pastels and psychedelic dreamscapes. Look there! A rosey watermelon tsunami descends upon the shores of some exotic beach in another dimension/your wallet.

Those waves’ minty crests of glory call out to you, saying “I’m coming. You can either ride me or get ridden. Up to you.”

And we already know the answer: We want to ride these superlative sparklers like the crocodile ridin’ that gnarly rind.

And while we feel this way about all of Aura Bora’s offerings, perhaps none more so than their Peppermint Watermelon, a crowning achievement of flavors, bubbles and visuals.

When you first crack open the can, the gentlest sweet mint wafts up to greet your nose. This is no harsh antiseptic toothpaste that frosts your sinuses, this is soft buttermint, gentle, inviting, spiritually cleansing.

Like le crocodile of the can, scampering off with a watermelon mischievously clutched between its teeth, Aura Bora has already run off with our senses with this delightful olfactory dream.

Tasting Notes


The first wave to crash on your tongue upon first sip is a crisp, earthy watermelon, not too sweet, but rind-driven, loamy.

This is the best watermelon flavor in a melonverse full of bubblegum. The ingredients list includes “organic watermelon extract” as opposed to other brands’ “natural flavors” and we suspect this has everything to do with it. Aura Bora’s flavor witchcraft has us forever enchanted.

And yet it gets better: as foretold by the can, now clearly understood as a foreshadowing hieroglyph, we feel the sweet peppermint cresting in our mouths. And what in the heavens is this mint?? It’s a sweet, creamy, vegetal, spicy, cold, peppery interdimensional candycane straight through our hearts.

If there was a way to bottle the joy of secretly scooping way too many of those melty pastel after-dinner mints of yore and shoving them into your mouth, and turn that singular childhood pleasure into an expertly carbonated sparkling water, this would be it.

This can’s haiku announces “I sleep in a fruit”, and we assume that “I,” the protagonist of the poem, is this celestial peppermint, enfolded in a green husk of watermelon. And as we crack the can, so do we crack open the minty mind of this cool, stimulating leaf, rousing him from slumber and into our bodies, forever hanging ten off the edge of our souls.


Carbonated Water, Organic Watermelon Extract, Peppermint Leaf Extract

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