Aura Bora
Cactus Rose

Every Aura Bora can is a work of art. Truly.

This one features a panoply of mischievous desert owls plucking thorns and flowers from sentient saguaros.  This drama unfolds against the red rocks of a bone-dry arroyo, watchful mountains shimmering in the distance.  You can almost taste the peyote.

The only thing rivaling the external beauty of their cans is the exquisiteness of the contents inside. And Cactus Rose is no exception.

True story: We had been secretly craving a rose sparkling water. (FYI: roses have the highest vibrational frequency. For real.) In fact, the thought had crossed our minds that it would be left to us to create such an elegant bubbler.

But lo and behold, the elevated elixir of our dreams was out there. And with a hint of cactus! Every rose indeed has its thorn. 

Tasting Notes

The prickly pear arrives first. A little arch on the palate (but not overly so! Aura Bora is a master of subtlety, nothing is out of balance in their creation).  

Prickly pear flavor can sometimes be reduced into sugary oblivion: not so with Aura Bora.  It retains a little of its original, vegetal spice.  We imagine ourselves lost in a cactal forest on sun-drenched mesas, arms outstretched as a shower of rose petals rains gently from the turquoise sky.   The rose lingers on the tongue, as if the petals are unwilling to fall any further, lustrous till the last sip.

The slightest hint of lemongrass leaf extract gently spices it up a little.

And the bubbles here are gentle. Never pounding the mouth or burning the throat. We continually applaud the inventive and perfectly-executed flavor combinations. We wonder what tarot deck they pull from for these? 

If you’re a sparkling water connoisseur (and if you have found your way to the Bubbleverse, we believe you are!), then you don’t want to miss out on this astonishing new brand. Each sip has us asking, Who are you Aura Bora? From what dimension did you descend to earth?

In short: If you’re looking to ascend, quaff this nectar. 🌵🌹🧘🏻‍♀️


Carbonated Water, Natural Prickly Pear Flavor with other Natural Flavors, Rose Flower Extract, Lemongrass Leaf Extract

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