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  • We are officially back on our bullshit! We apologize for the egregious hiatus. It was wrong of us, bubblenauts, and we missed you. Since we last spoke, Ugly has disappeared into the night, never to be heard from again, San Pellegrino Coffee Essenzas limped off in defeat, as if they never existed, and small brands […]

  • Spring has sprung! The Bubbleverse is finally shaking off the shackles of low key/high key Seasonal Affective Disorder, as we slowly emerge from the deep underworld journey that is Winter in the Northeast in a 150 year old stone church. Apologies that our frozen fingers have been out of commission for so long. But like […]

  • Polar is a brand that is woefully underrepresented on this site. That is definitely our fault, but having spent our adulthoods on the west coast, Polar just hasn’t really been on our radar. It’s just not really out there, so we’ve been stuck bopping back and forth LaCroix and Waterloo for what seems like eternity. […]

  • Once again, we forgot entirely about Nestle’s French enfant, Perrier. We try to block Nestle out of our minds/pocketbooks as much as possible anyway, but honestly we don’t buy much Perrier, despite how good they usually are, because these “slim” cans are far too small for people who need to be consuming sparkling water from […]

  • Back when we did our LaCroix Apricot review, written at the request of a Bubbleverse reader, we mentioned that we were actually quite tickled to take review requests, so send away. And then, much to our delight, more requests came in! But what we didn’t see coming was that all of these review requests would […]

  • Okay. We’ve been avoiding doing a Coconut LaCroix review for a long time. In fact, we’ve been avoiding it since we first started this site. We’ve been a little downright tongue-tied around it, because (and here’s a big confession that will no doubt induce a Vulnerability Hangover), LaCroix Coconut is the most-consumed sparkling water in […]

  • Nixie, AHA, Bubly, and a smattering of grocery store lines like Soleil have all been pumping out mellow caffeinaters for a while now. Not blowing our adrenals out like Ugly or Hi Ball, but more dignified caffeine amounts like 30-35 mg: enough to perk you up, but minimal enough to keep you drinking them all […]

  • We missed the sparkling gourd boat last year when Pumpkin Spice was Ugly’s official Ltd Ed drop for an entire month, so we were ecstatic when Ugly brought back their Pumpkin Spice for a mere 48 hours just in time for the arrival of Spooky Season. Aside: We aren’t entirely sure when “Spooky Season” became […]

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